Review: Light My Fire by Lucy Snow

Review: Light My Fire by Lucy Snow

“We’re not out of this yet.”

Relief worker Eames has spent the last 10 years traveling around the world helping people, but secretly he’s running away from taking over the family business.

College student Avery is no stranger to running away – she stays in college to avoid dealing with her overbearing parents still dealing with a family tragedy.

Each of them has their own reasons for coming back home, but when a massive snowstorm throws the two of them together on the cold and desolate roads of New Hampshire, they’ll have to stick together if they want to stay alive, and deal with the heat that’s growing between them.

Light My Fire is a 65,000 word standalone contemporary winter romance with a guaranteed HEA.

My Review:
Genre: Romance
Standalone: Yes
Part of a Series: No
POV: Avery and Eames
Steam Level: Warm

Light My Fire is a fun coming of age story about two people on their way home after years of absence to make peace with their families and their expectations. Avery and Eames meet in a blizzard under precarious circumstances. It’s sweet, sexy (but not too sexy), and thought-provoking. Eames and Avery learn to stand up to their parents’ expectations, learn to be themselves. The inn keepers are a sweet, knowledgeable elderly couple who see the writing on the wall way before Eames or Avery but know how to keep just enough distance to let them light each other’s fire.

I read an early, early version of this book and really liked it. I’m assuming that the published version will be even better. This is my honest and voluntary review.

Favorite Quotes – Keep in mind that these may have changed in the published version

  • Sometimes a good snowball fight was just what the doctor ordered.
  • Our tongues feinted to and fro around and into each other. It was magical. Unlike anything I’d ever experienced before, and I knew already that this wasn’t the last time he’d kiss me like that. I wouldn’t let it be the last time.
  • Sure, it was pretty likely that this world would be me up and spit me out, but didn’t that happen to anyone?
  • Was this what people who’d found the love of their loves felt? That peace, that stability?…Whatever this was,, though, I was going to enjoy it as long as the storm outse would let me.
  • A snowball wouldn’t change your life, one wasy or the other. But if you got enough snow toegher…then you could really change peoples’ live forever, couldn’t you?
  • “You’re really not going to make this easy for me, are you?” “Since when was that my job?”

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