Review: The Commander’s Captive by Alix Nichols

Review: The Commander’s Captive by Alix Nichols

He saved her life. But he must hold her captive. Screaming and kicking. Hating him. Craving him…

Lady Nyssa Sebi lost her parents in a freak accident.
Her brother is unjustly condemned to death.
Locked away in Commander Heidd’s residence, Nyssa is the hostage of corrupt thugs who rule the land.
Oh, how she hates them!
But the one she abominates above all is her captor.
During the war, Heidd was her brother’s commanding officer. He was Nyssa’s idol, her biggest crush…
Until he betrayed everyone.

Commander Jancel Heidd sacrificed his honor to protect Nyssa.
It’s killing him to see her so miserable, so disgusted with him.
But she’s safe.
Jancel will do anything to keep it that way.
He’ll shield his spunky captive from the depraved police chief, the ruthless governor, and the deadly cyborgs.
The only monster he can’t save her from is himself.

THE COMMANDER’S CAPTIVE is the second novel in a series of connected sci fi romances. This volume features Nyssa and Jancel’s complete story, and concludes Etana and Areg’s (THE TRAITOR’S BRIDE).

While each Keepers of Xereill book stands alone, it’s best if you start with the first in the series.

My Review:
Genre: Sci-fi/fantasy, romance
Standalone: No – Read book 1 The Traitor’s Bride first. While Areg and Etana’s (book 1’s couple) and Jancel and Nyssa’s stories end the overall story does not.
Part of a Series: Yes Book 2 of 5 planned books in the Keepers of Xereill Series
POV: Multiple
Steam Level: Quite Warm

In The Commander’s Captive questions are answered and the intrigue continues. I can tell this is going to be one of those series that keeps you hooked. It is so well done that I’m okay with that. I cannot wait to see what happens. I hope to see more of Jancel/Nyssa and Areg/Etana in future stories and am excited to see what this is leading up to. Once again, no one can be trusted, or can they? Excellent work Alix Nichols! If you haven’t read her, you need to pick up this series. It’s an excellent mix of humor, steam, sci-fi, fantasy, romance and intrigue that few authors can pull off.

I received an advanced copy of this book for free from the author. This is my honest and voluntary review.

Favorite Quotes

  • Her own arousal was completely uncalled for.
  • He needed cowards around him.
  • He thought of himself as Nyssa’s protector, but there was not denying he was also her captor.

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