Review: London Royal by Nana Malone

Review: London Royal by Nana Malone

I know exactly what I don’t want.

I escaped to London under the cover of night, never thinking I’d run smack into a man who would turn my world inside out.

I had a plan. Simple, really.

Step one: Follow my dream, away from the demons of my past.
Step two: Land on my own two feet, preferably far, far, away from the man who hurt me and broke my heart.
Step three: Live a little and avoid all men with dark secrets.

So far, I’m not doing so hot.

He’s a royal amongst peasants, and the last kind of trouble I need–a filthy rich alpha who can see straight into my soul. Our secrets hold us both captive.

Something tells me I’ll be powerless to stop his magnetic pull, especially when he tells me I’m going to be his, damn the consequences.
Note: A long long time ago, I wrote a book called LONDON BOUND. You can no longer get that book, but Alexi and Abbie have gotten another chance to tell you their story in a whole new way. LONDON ROYAL and LONDON SOUL are a new take on their story adding them to my royals world! These books have fresh material, a fresh plot, and are being told from a whole new point of view. Enjoy!

My Review:
Title: London Royal
Author: Nana Malone
Format: ebook
Genre: Romantic suspense, royalty
Standalone: nope
Part of a Series: book 1 of the London Royal dyer
POV: Abbie and Lex
Steam Level: slow burn to steamy

I’m a huge fan of Nana Malone and her epic world-building. As a fan I enjoyed seeing a few cameos. London Royal sucked me in. I enjoyed the banter and unique characters. The twists and turns kept me reading while not realizing how big a rabbit hole I was going down. I cannot wait to see what happens next.

I received this book for free. This is my honest and voluntary review.

Favorite Quotes

  • The truth was like vegetables. It was good for you, even if it tastes like shit.
  • You’d be amazed at the things the human mind will do to validated our choices.
  • Life isn’t meant to be sanitized.
  • If you don’t have a goal or any purpose, what was the fucking point?
  • Lex’s scent wrapped me in a warm cocoon of mint and something woodsy. He smelled fresh and clean. Like the fresh start I needed. Like the man I wanted.
  • I wanted to lose myself, forget who I was. I wanted to lose myself in him.
  • I felt like I might actually combust if he kept touching me. But if he stopped, I was pretty certain I’d die.
  • I was keeping her, even if she didn’t know it yet.
  • I wanted to be free. And Alexi tasted like freedom.

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