Review: Royal Playboy by Nana Malone

Review: Royal Playboy by Nana Malone

Vengeance is best served piping hot.
Prodigal Son. Black Sheep. Playboy Prince.
I’ve been called lots of things. Merciful is not one of them.
It doesn’t matter what you call me, as long as I get what I want…
What I crave.

And it’s not the crown.

She is the Princess I didn’t see coming. The one I didn’t plan for.
Until her, women came easy.
Until her, I wasn’t sure I had a heart. Now that I know, I’ll give up anything to have her…
Well…almost anything.

My Review:
Title: Royal Playboy
Author: Nana Malone
Format: Ebook
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Fake Relationship, Fake Fiancee, Royalty
Standalone: nope – Ends on a cliffhanger
Part of a Series: Book 1 of the Playboy Royal duet – Even better if you read the London Royal Duet before
POV: Imani and Xander
Steam Level: Toasty at times

Nana Malone knows how to write a series of interconnected duets! If you’ve read the London Royal Duet then you know some of Xander’s motivations in Royal Playboy and you have a guess of who the person is at the end. However, I’m dying to see how everything plays out now that the dominoes are stacked.

I received this book for free. This is my honest and voluntary review.

Favorite Quotes:

  • “You should realize that touching a woman’s hair is really personal thing” “So is standing in a man’s flat wearing a dress made for sin, fuck-me heels, and a smile.” “To be fair, I wasn’t smiling.”
  • He was officially a Venus flytrap. Everything about him was meant to entice, to entwine.

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