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Review: Justifying Jamie by Anna Brooks

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“This isn’t a particularly sweet swoony love story, it’s raw, it hurts and it totally captivates you.”~ Eileen R (Bangor Belles)

The first time I heard his cheesy pick-up line, he made me laugh. The next night, I fell madly in love.Then he shattered my world without speaking a word, leaving me with an empty heart and a hollow soul.

Still, I tried to fix what was broken, only to be humiliated beyond repair. I couldn’t believe the same man who promised me heaven so ruthlessly put me through hell with lips that once worshipped me.

I thought that was the end of us, but then a life-altering discovery threatened more than just me, and the least likely man to stand at my side was the one who refused to leave it.

Readers are in love with this angsty, second-chance, rockstar romance.

“I can’t say it enough how much I loved this book! I want to shout from the rooftops every single part I loved but I don’t want to ruin it for anyone. But I will tell you that you NEED to read this story. I can not recommend it enough!” ~MegM927

“I love how you see and feel what the characters do, you understand why things happen the way they do, and when it all comes together…its magical. I LOVE this book!” ~RC

“My first book by this author and I loved every single page! I couldn’t put it down and stayed up way too late reading! Mercy and Jamie’s story was intense, steamy, funny, heartbreaking, romantic and just a fantastic read!” ~Sherry B 

My Review:
Title: Justifying Jamie
Author: Anna Brooks
Format: Ebook
Genre: Romance – Rockstar, Comedy
Standalone: Yes
Part of a Series: Book 1 in the Reason to Ruin series
POV: Jamie and Mercy
Steam Level: Quiet Toasty at time

The more I read Anna Brooks the more I love her work. Justifying Jamie is the first book in the Reason to Ruin series. I loved her little nod to Ace Security as a shout-out to fans. While, from the blurb, I figured out the big reveal I was so surprised on how it happened. Justifying Jamie was an emotional rollercoaster. I loved the laughs and the one-liners which had me giggling but also what Jamie and Mercy go through. The mistakes the both made was hard and gritty but I loved how it made them stronger in the end. I look forward to reading more of these rockstars falling hard.

I received this book for free. This is my honest and voluntary review.

Favorite Quotes:

  • It’s one thing to be into a guy and have a conversation, but to blatantly throw yourself at him while you’re acting like a literal idiot is something all women should be ashamed of . No man’s worth your dignity.
  • You’re not a number, gorgeous. You’re the answer to the equations.
  • The man in your life should be you man first. He should claim you with an arm around your waist and make you feel like you’re coming out of your skin when he’s inside you.
  • It’s only stupid if you don’t try.
  • You can’t hate the only person you were meant to fall in love with.
  • “When did you become so rational?”…”Baby, nothing I feel about you is rational.”
  • He makes me feel whole and before him I didn’t even know I was incomplete.
  • Everything I’ve ever wanted is on the other side of that fear, and I’ll never make it through unless you’re holding my hand while we trample that shit together.
  • I get why the climb was rough because the view from the top is the absolute most beautiful and ethereal thing I’ve ever seen.
  • Her life may not have begun with me, but I’ll be damned sure to do everything humanly possible so that it ends with me.

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