Review: Fateless by Meli Raine

Review: Fateless by Meli Raine

The future isn’t real.

The past isn’t real, either.

Only the present is, solid and full, flying at our faces, our bodies, our hearts and souls at breakneck speed as we work to take it all in.

As we work to protect others.

And, finally – ourselves.

We’ve started to break the bonds of Stateless, a system as rotten as the one it seeks to destroy. But systems are organisms with one brutal goal: to survive, whatever it takes.

Kina has to do the unfathomable to save a different system, one she created out of empathy and love for children we rescued from the only home they know.

She’ll use her mind, her body, her spirit — and her ultimate weapons: love, and —


Fateless is the final book in USA Today bestselling author Meli Raine’s newest trilogy.

My Review:
Title: Fateless
Author: Meli Raine
Format: Ebook
Genre: Romantic suspense, Political
Standalone: No – Read the Stateless and Traceless first
Part of a Series: Book 3 of 3 in the Stateless trilogy
POV: Callum and Kina
Steam Level: Slow burn

The Stateless trilogy is the sixth trilogy by Meli Raine. All six come together and intersect in Fateless. I’ve read four of the six trilogies and really want to go back and read the first two and then reread these last four. Everything was building up to this and the climax was intense. I feel like there may be another trilogy or two to clean up the hanging threads. But overall this feels like a complete story, at least Callum and Kina’s story is complete but I hope to see more of everyone in future books.

I received this book for free. This is my honest and voluntary review.

Favorite Quotes:

  • Fake habits can become real over time.
  • Hope is a form of love.
  • Most isn’t good enough. “Most” is abject failure.
  • Some rules are wrong. Part of learning involves making changes when you know something is wrong.
  • Part of being a whole human being is letting yourself feel.
  • “I’m not in charge of you, Kina. But I am bound to you.”
  • “Suffering builds character.” “Suffering just causes pain. We can build character in other ways.”
  • Dominant assholes never, ever want to back down. They only do so in the face of as even bigger asshole with more power.
  • I have lied for you, hunted for you, killed for you, and I would die for you. I would do anything for you, Kina. It’s always bee you. There was never anyone else.
  • “Until the day I die, I’ll love you. And if we can feel beyond death, I’ll love you from the grave.”
  • My body was yours, but you didn’t know it. My spirit was, too. And my heart-I knew you had it. I knew it was hopeless.

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