New Release: Zeke’s Choice by E.M Shue
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New Release: Zeke’s Choice by E.M Shue

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✰  Title: Zeke’s Choice
✰ Author: E.M Shue
✰ Date of Release: March 17, 2020
✰ Cover Designer: Leah Holt



✰Link: Https://



Mistake or Eternal Love?

When a weekend away to blow off steam ends up with matrimony, Jamie doesn’t know what to do. She can’t get him to file the divorce papers, and she won’t either. Something about him soothes her soul.

Mistake. Divorce. Oh hell no. Zeke Caine won’t admit either of those when it comes to Jamie. She’s his and he can’t let her go. Okay, maybe he should have told his family.

Now they find themselves on the same task force after a serial killer. When a twist of fate puts Jamie in danger, Zeke will kill anyone in his path to protect her. But is he ready to admit he loves her? Or is Jamie ready to run and leave him behind?

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