Audiobook Review: Picture Perfect by Evangeline Anderson

Audiobook Review: Picture Perfect by Evangeline Anderson

Ever since Melanie’s mom married Kurt’s dad she’s had the hots for the gorgeous, off-limits guy. Knowing Kurt feels the same way doesn’t help her lust, but through and unspoken agreement they ignore their forbidden feelings. Then Kurt drives her to a modeling shoot for an exercise book and winds up volunteering to model as her partner. What neither of them know is that the exercises in the book are all sexual–a modern Kama Sutra.

Melanie tries to ignore the sparks flying between her and Kurt, even when they have to get naked and pose for pictures that are both explicit and erotic. But how can she resist giving in to her feelings? Will she and Kurt be able to keep from crossing the invisible line between them or will they give in to temptation in order to get every shot…
Picture Perfect?

*Author’s note–do you love steamy audio books? Picture Perfect was featured on Read Me Romance Podcast in April 2019–be sure to check it out!

*Please note–Picture Perfect was originally published in 2008 by another publisher. Now that I have the rights to the book back, I am re-publishing with a sexy new cover but the content is the same. Enjoy! ; )

My Review:
Title: Picture Perfect
Author: Evangeline Anderson
Format: Audio
Narrator: Jillian Maciie
Genre: Romance – Forbidden (Step-sibling)
Standalone: Yes
Part of a Series: No
POV: Melanie
Steam Level: Sexy, slow burn

Let me preface this with I’m not a big fan of step-sibling romance. However, that wasn’t my biggest problem with this book.

The Good: If you’re looking for a sexy, slow-burn tease – then Picture Perfect is fabulous for this. The premise of doing a photoshoot for an erotic exercise book is unique and definitely builds that sexual tension.

The Bad: I didn’t really care for Kurt. He was all over the place – playing alpha, protective big brother to wishy-washy throughout. He wasn’t consistent

The Ugly: The end and how Melanie manipulated her way to a HEA. Grow the f**k up and tell Kurt what you want.

I listened to this on the Read Me Romance podcast. I may check out more of Evangeline Anderson’s books but I wasn’t too impressed with this one.

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