Review: Shattered Amethyst

Review: Shattered Amethyst

Betrayed. Sold. Tortured. Now she’s fighting to rebuild her life.

Amethyst Hatcher was supposed to die on her eighteenth birthday, against all the odds she survived, and now lives her life searching for her next adrenalin rush. When the firefighter is assigned to work with the cops, she finds herself completely unprepared for the sexual tension smoldering between her and Detective Zeb Tuck to develop into something more.

Zeb can’t deny the sizzling attraction between him and Amethyst, but he fights against it. He’s already lost so much and doesn’t want to get involved with someone who seems to have a death wish. When his newest case, hunting a sadistic fire-starting killer forces him and the sexy firefighter to work together, he’ll have to decide whether falling for Amethyst is worth the risk.

↝ Trigger warning – mature content, issues of sexual assault/abuse, violence ↜

SHATTERED AMETHYST is the fourth book in the Broken Gems series by USA Today bestselling author Jane Blythe. Murder, mystery, suspense, and love in this thrilling romantic suspense! Each book in the series can be read as a standalone but reading in order is encouraged, a guaranteed HEA!

Other books in the series
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Crushed Ruby – Ruby and Judah’s story
Fractured Diamond – Diamond and Elijah’s story coming June 1st 2020
Shattered Amethyst – Amethyst and Zeb’s story coming August 3rd 2020
Splintered Emerald – coming October 5th 2020

My Review:
Title: Shattered Amethyst
Author: Jame Blythe
Format: Ebook
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Police, Firefighter, Human Trafficking
Standalone: Yes (But better if you read this series in order)
Part of a Series: Book 4 of the Broken Gems series
POV: Mostly Amethyst and Zeb
Steam Level: Warm, fade to black

Jane Blythe knows how to weave a gripping romantic-suspense. Shattered Amethyst is no exception. Shattered Amethyst is intense both in the mystery and emotionally. I’ve been hoping that Zeb would get an HEA since Sapphire’s book and I’m so glad that it was Amethyst. She’s been a bit of a mystery and a little aloof in the rest of the series and I loved getting to know her better. Shattered Amethyst was funny, heart-wrenching and heart-stopping. A wild ride for sure.

I received an advanced copy of this book for free. This is my honest and voluntary review.

Favorite Quotes:

  • While it would be extremely unprofessional to drag Amethyst into his arms and kiss her senseless at a crime scene that was teeming with cops, and crime scene techs, and nosy neighbors, Zeb couldn’t deny that then thought rossed his mind.
  • Sometimes she hated hope. It was such a double-edged sword, it brought a little piece of brightness to the dark, but it also broughtpain when that little light was extinguished.
  • What was the point of getting an adrenaline rush when was subpar?
  • Wasn’t that the whole point of love? Loving someone was about the two of you being stronger together, butter together, challenging each other to be the best person that they could be, and being there no matter what.

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