Vaughn Ashby

Vaughn Ashby

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Vaughn Ashby is the bestselling horror author of Tethered, Brightness Falls, The Axe, Welcome to the Aurora Wasteland, & Entanglement. He’s also a multi-viewed YouTube creator, & nightmare inducing Podcaster. Ash, or Uncle Ashby to you, holds degrees in Body Head Separation, Spacial Realignment, & Family Member seducing Time Travel from the schools of Netflix, Blockbuster, & The Local Cinema. Vaughn also recently completed his Masters in Sci-fi Horror writing from the school of YM, better known as Your Mom. Before being dragged into the world of writing kicking and screaming, he was a simple bearded human male with poor spelling skills. He was, and this is just true, not a robot, definitely not a human killing robot, with plans of wiping out the human race through writing complex plots that involve adult humor and sexiness. Vaughn has watched multiple Masterclasses by Aaron Sorkin, Neil Gaimen, Margaret Atwood, & Gordon Ramsey, though not all the way through. He’s also the Winner of the Aurora Wasteland award, for being the only writer to write in that Literary Universe, that he created. His passions include Whiskey, Tattoos, Movies, Writing, & Horror

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