Audiobook Review: Instinct by Hanleigh Bradley

Audiobook Review: Instinct by Hanleigh Bradley

INSTINCT. His was to bite me. Mine was to run.

Farah’s life is over in this PNR Novelette from International Bestselling Author, Hanleigh Bradley.

I’m not like the vampires in your books, little girl. I’m not agonising over my own soul or the ethics of drinking your blood.

I don’t want saving or to find some great love that will alter my very existence. I’m not a monster. I’m the devil himself and I have no problem playing that role.

I take what I want and right now, what I want is you… And there’s nothing you can do to stop me.

INSTINCT is the first book in The Elite, a Dark PNR Vampire Romance Series.

Death has never been so tempting. No one ever cares that they’re dying, when it feels this good to die.

“This is a one seating type of read. It flows well and the it grabs you from the beginning. And boy, the scenes are super hot.”

My Review:
Title: instinct
Author: Hanleigh Bradley
Format: Audio
Narrator: Debbie Soelter
Genre: Paranormal romance (vampire)
Standalone: no
Part of a Series: book 1 of The Elite
POV: Everette, Farah
Steam Level: warm

Instinct is the first novella of The Elite. It’s short, only about an hour and a half long. The pace is slow, Allowing the tension to build. Both Everette and Farah are fighting themselves and their instincts – Farah to flee and Everette yo not play with his food. Debbie Soelter’s narration is soft and slow, adding to and enhancing the anticipation that Hanleigh Bradley has created. Overall Instinct is a great, but slow, start that leaves you wanting more.

Favorite Quotes:
I don’t want to date her. I want to eat her.
I wonder if I should talk to her except, I don’t usually talk to my food

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