Audiobook Review: Wanted by Jane Henry

Audiobook Review: Wanted by Jane Henry


They call me Vigilante because I make my own laws.
Because I get retribution when there’s none to be had.
Because my name is Jace Mercy… but I show none.


Stood up at the altar, I ran from everything familiar… and straight into trouble.
Now I’m the lone witness to a backwoods execution.
A wanted woman with a price on my head.

I’m trapped in a cabin with the one man who can save me.
I’m under his protection.
I’m in his bed.
But there’s a price to pay for his protection.
Total submission.
And there’s nowhere left to run…

My Review:
Title: Wanted
Author: Jane Henry
Format: Audio
Narrator: Kai Kennicott, Wen Ross
Genre: Romance-suspense, vigilante
Standalone: Yes
Part of a Series: no
POV: Jace, Freya
Steam Level: hot, hot, hot

I started listening to Wanted with the intention of listening for a little bit then doing something else. Nope! Once I started I didn’t stop until I listened to the whole book. It drew me in from the start. Jace’s voice is incredible-deep and gravely and sexy AF – just like Jace’s character. This is definitely an author and narrator that I’d like to read/hear more of.

I received this audiobook for free. This is my honest and voluntary review.

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