Nikki Sex

Nikki Sex

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A question I’m often asked is why I chose the name Nikki Sex.

People think it’s because of my panty-melting stories. Although my books are steamy, that’s not the reason.

We live in a world where sex is stigmatized as sinful or shameful. Lust is a dirty secret to be hidden away. Particularly as women, we’re taught if we enjoy sex, we should feel bad about it.

What a crazy perspective!

Sex is fun, healthy, and above all, sex is a beautiful way to share love and intimacy. It doesn’t matter if it’s slow and sensual, or energetic, and all tied up.

Sex is something no one should feel ashamed reading about, enjoying, or discussing. Sex is one of life’s great joys, which is why I’m proud to be known as Nikki Sex.

These are my books so far (ones with an * feature André Chevalier!)

*Elizabeth’s Bondage
*Bound and Freed
*Carmen’s NY Romance
*Amy’s Forbidden Fantasy
*Andre Undercover
What Wendy Wants
Promises to Keep

*The Abuse Series:

*The Fate Duology:

The Demon Blessed Series:
Demon Blessed
Demon Lost
Demon Dreams
Demon Wolf

André (the sexy sex counsellor) is 36 years old in the above books. In ABUSE he is 26 (to 28). The stars* mean heavy BDSM. André is in all of my books except “What Wendy Wants,” “Promises to Keep,” and “Demon Blessed.”

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