Review: Fury by Tracy Lorraine

Review: Fury by Tracy Lorraine

I’m infuriated by my feelings for her…

They’ve held me captive all this time.

I might have been the one that walked away, but that doesn’t mean I’m not still haunted by her—by what I did to her.

But that’s the thing about ghosts… they always return when you least expect it.

My stepsister was an outlet for my pain, but everything has changed.

Now I’ve got nothing to lose.

If she thought I hated her the first time we met, then she’s about to get a shock.

The rage I felt didn’t compare to the fury that now consumes me.

I might be empty, but I’m going to show her how it feels by taking away everything she has… one painful piece at a time.

Dear Reader,

Ashton is coming back… are you ready? FURY is the sixth book in my R

My Review:
Title: Fury
Author: Tracy Lorraine
Format: Ebook
Genre: Romance, HS School Bully, enemies to lovers, step-siblings, road trip
Standalone: Yes, but I highly recommend reading the free prequel Faze first
Part of a Series: Book 6 of Rosewood High, each are standalone with interconnecting characters
Steam Level: Toasty

In general I’m not a huge fan of step-sibling romance. However, Tracy Lorraine makes it a little more palatable by this being only the second times they’ve met since Ashton’s dad married Ruby’s mom. Their first epic meeting is featured in Faze which is the prequel to Fury. It’s not necessary to read Faze first but I highly recommend it since the events are mentioned in Fury. Fury is very emotional. The reason why Ashton returns to Rosewood are heartbreaking and his experiences are shattering. I loved the guys protectiveness of Ruby overshadows Ashton’s ability to play football. Fury is a great addition to this amazing series and I’m sad that there’s only one left.

I received an advanced copy of this book for free. This is my honest and voluntary review.

Favorite Quotes:

  • “Suddenly, I don’t care so much if he’s an asshole.”
  • I learned the hard way a long time ago that hopes are useless. They build you up thinking that something grood might happen and then they drop you when your least expect it.
  • Bad boys do it better.
  • I’m glad she’s feeling nervous, it makes my cock hard.
  • “Do you love hime?” “No, he’s an asshole.” “Doesn’t stop you from falling, Rubes.”
  • We’re not learning this office until we’re either sorted things out or killed each other. I guess only time will tell which comes first.
  • The heart wants what it wants, and what our parents or others think doesn’t really come into it.

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