Review: Left for Wild by Harloe Rae

Review: Left for Wild by Harloe Rae

USA Today & Amazon Top Ten best-selling author Harloe Rae delivers a riveting love story about finding redemption and believing in the impossible.

There’s never a dull moment while working at Streebston Correctional Facility.
The fleeting glances I share with Halder Rane are my favorite part of the job.
But he’s an inmate and completely off-limits.

After he’s released early, I never expect to see Halder again.
I should know better than to assume.
By some cruel twist of fate, we wake beside each other in the middle of a snowy forest.
Stranded and alone.
He might be a complete stranger, but my survival depends on him.

Halder has a lot of explaining to do.
But first, we need to find a way out of the wilderness.

My Review:
“I’ve never been much, but I want to be the best for you.”

Title: Into the Wild
Author: Harloe Rae
Format: ebook
Genre: Romance
Standalone: yes
Part of a Series: no
POV: Halder and Blakey
Steam Level: slow burn to steamy

Left for Wild is another winner for Harloe Rae. I loved the smart banter and building tension. I liked that Halder and Blakey were solid and only external sources were what tested their limits. This book had is all: humor, suspense and steam. Left for Wild is another amazing read from an amazing author.

Favorite Quotes

  • Weakness is only created when given the opportunity to grow.
  • This woman is the type of trouble that wars begin over.
  • There’s always a choice. Never reveal which one is forced.
  • That guy needs to bang. Do him a solid favor by volunteering. You’ll be paying it forward or whatever
  • The concept of safety cannot be defined by the masses.
  • Having the skill is useless without the power of execution.
  • I bet he has the kind of ass that fills a pair of faded jeans better than a Levi’s commercial. Those muscular globes would bounce a quarter to the moon.
  • Being useful gives me a sense of pride when control has been robbed.”
  • “I’ve never been much, but I want to be the best for you.”
  • Something about your life being stolen robs a lot more than time.
  • Mean-spirited people won’t ever have true happiness, and they’re jealous of those that do. They won’t stop ripping and shredding others down until a thread comes loose or something gives.
  • The journey is dull without a few surprises, which always seem to arise at the most likely curve.
  • My need for her rivals a savage beast in the wild, hunting for his mate under the glow of the moon beyond conceivable reason.
  • I’m not a barbarian, but she makes me feel capable of razing down any man who dares to look at her.
  • You’re my purpose.
  • There’s no doubt I look like a fool in love. I bet it brings out the color of my eyes.
  • He’s the essential piece I didn’t realize was needed, or missing for that matter.

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