Romance+ Roadmap: June 2021 to July 2021

June Round Up: (A Little Late)

How Many Books Read/Listened To: 19


  1. Tough Sh*t by Sheridan Anne
  2. Cocky F*ck by Sheridan Anne
  3. Hearts of Darkness by Catherine Wiltcher
  4. Broken Fighter by Maggie Cole
  5. Sixth Sin by Cora Kenborn
  6. Black Skies Riviera by Catherine Wiltcher

New (to me) Authors Read:
Emily McIntire, Catherine Wiltcher, Sheridan Anne, Maggie Cole, Just Bae, A.J. Tipton


A Look Forward:

Currently Reading (as of July 1st):
Reading (ebook): Something Like Hate by Harloe Rae
Listening To: (audio): My True Love by Melissa Foster

Books on the Calendar:

  • The Grumpy Player Next Door by Pippa Grant
  • The Boss Prince by Alix Nichols
  • The Embrace by Vivian Wood

Exciting New Releases:

The Grumpy Player Next Door by Pippa Grant
On His Knees by Tabatha Kiss

Love 4 Goals:
I’m still behind on posting my reviews so I want to continued to post old and new reviews at least several times a week. I’ve fallen behind a bit again
I also want to continue to do freebie posts on a regular basis.

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