Free Prequel: Prophecy by Delta James

Free Prequel: Prophecy by Delta James

by Delta James

FREE PREQUEL! Prophecy by Delta James is available now!
Prophecy by USA Today bestselling author Delta James is the thrilling prequel to the Masters of Valor series.
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We’ve assembled the other swords. Are you with us?

That message changed everything. Reminding me of an oath I made years prior. An oath I am honor-bound to fulfill.

Many years before, my team and I were pinned down by the enemy, hunkered down in a cave trying to make it through the night. An apparition appeared with an unbelievable prophecy about four swords.

“It must not fall into the wrong hands. Those who would turn it to evil would have little trouble defeating the weapons of your world. You are Warriors of the Light. The other three swords, Caliburn, Clarent, and Arondight, will find you. The swords are charged with the powers of light and darkness. Take care that they do not fall into the hands of the Lady of the Lake.”

He gave me one of four remaining swords from the Knights of the Round table, Courechouse. It has hung dormant on the wall over the fireplace in my Soho loft until recently.

We made an oath to honor the prophecy when and if it came true. The unbelievable has happened and it is time for us to take up our swords and meet our destiny.

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Author note: Prophecy is a supernatural romance with steamy heat in and out of the bedroom for mature readers.

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#1 Illusion
#2 Deception
#3 Inheritance

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