Romance+ Romance: August 2022 to September 2022

Romance+ Romance: August 2022 to September 2022

August Round Up

How Many Books Read/Listened To:  8


  1. Forbidden Love by Elizabeth Knox
  2. Deity by Sheridan Anne
  3. On His Knees by Tabatha Kiss
  4. Brody, Hunter, Blade and Shelby by Mandy Harbin

New (to me) Authors Read:
Elizabeth Knox, Kate Quinn, Mandy Harbin

A Look Forward:

Currently Reading (as of September 1st):
Reading (ebook): Hot Shot’s Mistake by Gina Azzi
Listening To: (audio): Mazzone Mafia: The Complete Series by Siobhan Davis

Books on the Calendar:

  • Rookie’s Regret by Gina Azzi
  • Shadow Wolf by K. Easton
  • Take Me to the Lake by Kaci Lake
  • Bear by Mandy Harbin
  • Irresistible by Trouble by Pippa Grant

Exciting New Releases:
Rookie’s Regret by Gina Azzi, Bear by Mandy Harbin, Irresistible Trouble by Pippa Grant.
I think Harloe Rae has a new release but I’m not positive

Love 4 Goals:
I’m still behind on posting my reviews and didn’t do much last month (life happened) . I want to continue posting on them on a regular basis. I’m hoping to get back into the groove of posting more regularly.
I also want to continue to do freebie posts on a regular basis.

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