Review: The Baby Blitz by Lex Martin

Review: The Baby Blitz by Lex Martin

Two pink lines won’t change the bad blood between us.
I haven’t always hated my brother’s best friend, but Michael Oliver gets under my skin and brings out the worst in me. He knows how to push my buttons, and I relish pushing all of his. He betrayed my trust years ago, and I’ve made it my mission in life to aggravate him until he admits he was wrong.
When his sister’s wedding brings us together, Michael suggests a truce for one night. If only he weren’t so handsome and smart, maybe I could resist the allure, but I’ve always been a little impulsive, and this man is my ultimate temptation. After years of pent-up frustration and unrequited love, I finally let down my guard, and that’s all it takes for us to combust.
But like all bad decisions, the morning after brings a reckoning, and I leave his hotel room swearing to never waste another moment of my time pining after him. Who needs that grumpy jerk warming her bed? Not me.
I don’t let myself think about that steamy one-night stand, or how it pained me to hear about his football injury, or how much I know he wants to get drafted so he can help his family. Because I’m cutting Michael out of my life for good.
Only the two little pink lines mean I can’t forget him. Even if I desperately want to.
* * *
The Baby Blitz is a companion standalone to USA Today bestselling author Lex Martin’s sensational college football romance novels The Varsity Dad Dilemma and Tight Ends & Tiaras. Readers will love this sensual multicultural romance featuring a scorching-hot college football player and the feisty, but slightly nerdy girl next door – the one he swore he’d never make a move on.

Will Michael make the right decision if he has to choose between Maggie or fulfilling his dream of playing professional football?

My Review:
Title: The Baby Blitz
Author: Lex Martin
Format: ebook
Genre: Romance, NA, Sports (Football), Accidental Pregnancy, Friends to enemies to lovers, brother’s best friend
Standalone: Yes
Part of a Series: Book 3 of Varsity Dads
POV: Maggie, Olly
Steam Level: Steamy at times

Overall I really liked this book and I’d love to go back and read the other books in this series. However, Maggie (and sometimes Olly but mostly Maggie) drove me nuts. Both seemed pretty immature – which makes sense since they’re young but still. Maggie’s anxiety and difficulty communicating made me want to throttle her at times. Olly was the same way (by Maggie’s request) which also made me want to whack him with my kindle. But, aside from the characters’ personalities and poor decisions I liked the story, which kept me engaged and reading.

I received an advanced copy of this book for free. This is my honest and voluntary review.

Favorite Quote:

  • That man is too handsome for his own good. And. I’m not sure who I hate more. Him, for being so tempting or me me, for being tempted after all this time

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