River’s Remorse

River’s Remorse

River wakes up to the terrible realization that Jonathan is gone. She can’t shift and has no will to live. It isn’t until a shocking truth is revealed that she is able to consider life without him.

Best Selling Author introduces a ‘new adult’ paranormal romance.
River’s Recruit: Book 1 of The Sanctuary Series
River’s Remorse: Book 2 of The Sanctuary Series
River’s Revenge: Book 3 of The Sanctuary Series
Gabriel’s Gift: Book 4 of The Sanctuary Series

My Review:
I reread River’s Remorse in preparation for reading the latest book (book 5) in this series. It has been a while since I read this book – so long in fact that book 3 wasn’t even out yet. I’ve forgotten how good this series is. River’s Remorse continues where River’s Revenge leaves off. In this book we are building towards the prophesied revolution in New Eden. We follow River, Jonathan and Eli as secrets are revealed, bonds are forged and the tension builds. Charlotte Abel is fantastic at building suspense, skillful with comedic relief and adept at bringing out the emotions of the characters. This was as far as i had gone in the series and cannot wait to see what happens next!

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