April 27, 2017 0 min to read

50 Authors Reviewed!

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I’m amazed and excited that I have officially reviewed over 50 authors on Love4Books!  What started as a fun little Facebook page to record and review the books I was reading has blossomed into my very own blog and page.  And while I still don’t have all of my old reviews from the page here I feel as if this page has taken root and constantly being improved for your enjoyment and easier access to information that you want.  Every book/new author I read gets their own post/page.  If you haven’t check them you out you should.  Who’s your favorite author?  Which books of theirs have I read?  Are you connected to them on their social media?  Their author page is a one-stop shop to find out about them, their series (check out the tags), and how to connect with them.  Do you like my format? Any suggestions for improvement?

P.S. Like the art for this site? I do too.  Thank you to my hubby Nate Fowler for his design talent and expertise.  Click Here for more information on him and his work.

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