David Jackson

David Jackson

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Not your typical author, “Gusto” Dave Jackson started writing in his constant pursuit to become a renaissance man. Then he fell in love with the art form. Comedy remains as one of his many passions. He writes and performs skits as well as stand-up. Also a songwriter and guitarist, he has composed over 300 musical titles.

With a variety of instruments, including harmonica, kazoo, mandolin, twelve string, classical, and acoustic guitar, Gusto Dave renders anecdotes, quick comedy, and cover tunes of many musical styles ranging from Blues, Folk, Rock, and Jazz. Songs from Led Zeppelin, Billy Joel, Johnny Cash, and many more work their way into his performance. He enjoys impersonating a couple of his all-time favorite artists, Willie Nelson and Leon Redbone. It was his honor to receive voice training from Dr. Donald Trott and guitar lessons from Eldon Shamblin, considered to be one of the best rhythm guitarists in the world.

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