Clarissa and the Cowboy

Clarissa and the Cowboy

*A sexy romantic comedy standalone within the Darcy Brothers series. Free on Kindle Unlimited.*

~ Nathan ~
Right now Clarissa, our tour guide, is talking about prehistoric cave paintings.
In a moment, she’ll point at the mammoth… Wait for it….
“Look at the mammoth on your right,” she says.
Told ya! I’ve done her tour six times in two months.
Everyone gawks at the mammoth.
My eyes stay trained on Clarissa’s lovely face.
After the tour, I’ll ask her out, fully expecting her to say no.
I mean, why would a hotshot Parisian archeologist go on a date with a dairy farmer from the sticks?
But I need to hear Clarissa’s no.
Maybe then I’ll be able to forget her.

~ Clarissa ~
Nathan, aka Cowboy, is here again. Staring at me again.
I ignore him.
Just as I’ve ignored the hot, disturbing dreams I’ve been having lately.
Dreams in which a handsome cowboy undresses me.
Kisses me.
Pleasures me into oblivion.
Crazy dreams!
In real life, I’m going back to Paris to start a new job in a big museum.
The one thing I don’t need during my last week in Burgundy is a roll in the hay with Nathan.
Even if that roll turns out to be better than my craziest dreams…

QUESTION: What happens when a cowboy and a bluestocking get stranded in a cave with a 40,000-year-old phallus on the wall?
ANSWER: A sizzling-hot and hilarious romance, that’s what. You’ll laugh, you’ll fan yourself, and you’ll keep turning pages until the happy end!

* Fans of Lauren Blakely, Faleena Hopkins and Cora Seton will love this new contemporary romance novella by USA Today bestseller Alix Nichols. Intended for adult audiences. *

My Review:
Genre: Romance – Opposites Attract, Comedy
Stand-alone: Yes
Part of a Series: Not really but set in the Darcy Brothers timeline/story
POV: Nathan and Clarissa
Steam Level: Hot

Clarissa and the Cowboy wax a very quick, very steamy read. I got through it in an evening and it was definitely one of the steamiest Alix Nichols books so far – not only with actual sex scenes but also with innuendo. It was fun to read a naughtier novel than usual I really liked Nathan. He was sweet, funny and shy. The shyness is what I found most enduring about him. This isn’t a quality we normally read about in men in romance novels but it works for him. This also is why I like Alix Nichol’s work so much. Her stories and characters are unique which, to me, makes them more relatable. Another great story by Alix Nichols.

I received an advanced copy of this book for free from the author. This is my honest, voluntary review.

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