Tabatha Kiss Swag

Tabatha Kiss Swag

So anyone who has been following my reviews knows how much I love Tabatha Kiss’s writing.  From the first book I read of hers I realized what a fun and special author she is.  Her writing style is unique with her own form sweet and snark.  Her books are often hilarious – sometimes over the top and other times under the radar and always hot.  Tabatha has become one of my favorite authors who I feel like I’ve gotten to know, just a little, through social media.

A few weeks ago I won a contest on her site with two other people.  One grand prize winner was going to received signed copies of two of her books – 2 in the Pink (which I absolutely loved!) and Lumberjack Boss (which was fun as well – I mean the tagline is “Wealth. Power. Wood.” which alone shows some of her sense of humor with the double entendre.)  Two other winners would receive a signed copy of Lumberjack Boss.  We were all told we won but Tabby refused to say who won what.  Well, today I got my prize in the mail and…




Yep! I was the grand prize winner!!!! Thank you so much Tabatha Kiss.  I love your work and absolutely cannot wait for more.

If you haven’t checked her out yet, you need to.  Currently, until the end of August, Bodyguard, the first book in her Snake Eyes Series (which is fantastic!) is free on Amazon

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