Exciting News

Exciting News

OMG! I hit 1,000 views today on Love 4 Books.  I’ve been watching the views slowly creeping up with a few each day and I finally hit 100 today.  I’m so excited and feel like this is a milestone for me and my site. I’m literally doing a happy dance. 🙂

Also, you may have noticed that my site has been fixed and I’ve added a few additions.

  • First, we fixed the menus.  Apparently they were not working properly on pages other than the main page.  So my awesome hubby fixed it so that they work on all pages and on the mobile version as well! (Thanks hubby! You’re the bestest of the best and wouldn’t be doing this without your support and encouragement.)
  • Also, we added a mailing list sign up.  That way you won’t miss any of my new content.  My goal is to send out either daily (with my freebie lists) or weekly (a general update on what’s new at Love 4 Books).  We’ll see and play it by ear.
  • Finally I added a page specifically for authors.  You may have noticed more cover reveals and release bitz posts.  I’ve been signing up for them left and right and absolutely love participating in these events.  This is a place where authors, publishers, or promoters can come to me to request Love 4 Books participation in:
    • Cover Reveals
    • Release Day Promotions
    • Giveaways
    • Book sales
    • And any other type of promotions

That’s all for now.  Just wanted to pop in, say hello, and announce Love 4 Book’s exciting news. I hope to hear from all of you soon.  Thank you for making Love 4 Books a fun place for book lovers.

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