Free – A Black Ops Romance

Free – A Black Ops Romance

He was my first love…
I wanted him to follow his dreams. I wanted him to escape the life he hated. I thought I was doing the right thing by not telling him how I truly felt. Until it was too late, and my silence turned into my biggest regret.
Twelve years ago, Shane Owings died, taking my heart with him. I was left devastated and broken hearted. Time didn’t heal, as the years went on I only missed him more.
She was my best friend… the only woman I ever loved.
When I ran off to join the Army, I left behind everything I had ever loved. I thought I was doing the right thing, but my good intentions quickly turned into my biggest regret.
Every year on the anniversary of Shane’s death I watched as Lillian Nelson visited Shane’s grave and spilled her secrets to a dead man. Each year I hoped she wouldn’t be back, that her heart would finally heal and she would move on. But year after year she was back. So many times I wanted to reach out and comfort the beautiful woman, but I knew she would never forgive me. It was my fault Shane was dead.
Until… A terrorist shows up looking for revenge.
I had to come out of the shadows and protect the one woman I had no business falling in love with.

Free is a steamy last chance at love military romance. No cheating. Guaranteed HEA. Over 18! Bad boy alpha military men use foul language and enjoy dirty talk.

My Review:
Genre: Romance – Suspense, Second Chance, Last Chance, Military, Black ops, Friends to Lovers
Stand Alone: Yes
Part of a Series: No (well I don’t think so but I would love to get a story for the other guys)
POV: Lily and Lenox
Steam Level: Toasty Warm

This is the first book I’ve read by Riley Edwards and it was really good. I whipped through it in less than a day. The suspense was intense with the tension and action ramping up. The guys and their interactions were funny and helped to cut some of the tensions to give the reader a small break before kicking up again. The violence was graphic (but not gratuitous). Overall a fantastic romantic suspense that keeps you reading way later than your bedtime. My only complaint is that there was no epilogue and I’d love to see what happens with Lily and Lenox. I really hope that this is only the first book in a series featuring each of the men Lenox’s team.

I received read an advanced copy of this book the author/publisher (which means my complaint may be a nonissue). This is my honest and voluntary review.

Favorite Quotes:

  • “I would hunt down every person that had to do with your death and slit their throats.” … I don’t know if that was the most disturbing thing I’d ever heard or the most romantic.
  • Wait, I was mad at him, I shouldn’t be drooling over him.  I should’ve been plotting how to maim him

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