100 Authors!

100 Authors!

100 Authors Reviewed!

With the addition of Natalie Wrye’s author page I have officially reviewed 100 authors on this site! Not bad for only being a year and a half old (well two and a half if you count my FB page – but I don’t because I haven’t transferred all of my reviews/authors from there). Tomorrow two more will be added to the site so I’m celebrating now while I can.  Through this blogging journey I’ve found some great authors, some good ones, a few so-so, and hardly any I really didn’t like.

Who are your favorite authors?  I have quite a few and my list keeps growing.  Are you a binge reader when you find a new, awesome author?  If money and time were unlimited I definitely would be.

Stay tuned for more authors and reviews.  We’re almost at the 200 review mark. Yay!

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