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Now Live: ‘DARKVIEW: PART ONE – PSYCHOSIS’ by RJ Bathgate & MJ Hall

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✴•° ✴ ITS LIVE ✴ °•✴

by RJ Bathgate & MJ Hall
via Junction Publishing

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Take a journey into the disturbed, delusional mind of Jack Cyrus … take a journey into Darkview … a small, remote coastal town, deep within the Scottish Highlands.
The sleepy, isolated spot bears a sinister, horrific history, shrouded by a chilling secret. A secret one man must unveil, which will ravage his soul … and sanity!
Jack Cyrus is in damnation!
After witnessing the 1994 Rwandan Genocide, he has become plagued by dark memories and devilish visions, the result of post traumatic stress.
After returning home to Scotland and compounding his trauma, he is faced with the sudden death of his wife, from cancer.
Lost, alone, and struggling to forget the horrific circumstances surrounding her passing, Jack has developed schizophrenia, experiencing chaotic, disturbed thoughts and demonic hallucinations.
On the sixth anniversary of his wife’s death, Jack receives a cryptic, hand written letter from her, telling him she is still alive. Suffering and held captive, she pleads with him to return to Darkview, the place she spent her last days, and rescue her from purgatory.
Upon arrival in Darkview, strange things start happening, and what appears to be a centuries old mystery, starts unravelling itself.
Jack must piece together the clues and lost fragments of his sanity to solve the unravelling mystery.
Is any of it real, or is it just a manifestation of Jack’s mind, or another facet of his schizophrenia?

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