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Review: Impossible Bachelor by Ruth Cardello

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I like a challenge. Tell me something’s impossible and I’ll make it happen. From our very first meeting it’s obvious the Bachelor Tower’s newest female addition doesn’t think I’m her type. When I’m asked to distract her from the politics of the building, she tells me I have no chance with her.

Proving her wrong will be fun and might just take us to the brink of love.

I ask her to trust me, but I’m not prepared for what she shares when she does.

My life was following a set plan before he comes into it and turns everything upside down. Sure, he’s sexy as hell with a smile that can melt any heart—but I can’t afford to make another mistake. In my experience, the only people who can hurt me are the ones I let in.

He says he’s different, that he understands me.

He says that until I show him who I really am.

Then love is. . .impossible?

My Review:

Genre: Romance – Contemporary, opposites
Standalone: Mostly Ben and Kylie’s story is their own but the politics of the the Bachelor Tower starts in Insatiable Bachelor. However, Ruth Cardello keeps you informed/caught up
Part of a Series: Yes Book 2 of the Bachelor Tower series. Each book is a different couple but the underlying issues in the Bachelor Tower are present in each story
POV: Ben and Kylie
Steam Level: Warm

Ben and Kylie seem as opposite as they can get but are quite similar in the ways that work. This book was fun, engrossing, and had a great message about opening yourself up and allowing yourself to love and be loved. Since Kylie is Penny’s sister we get to see more of the Penny and Dalton and we meet their notorious mom. The biggest takeaway from this book is this quote, “You don’t have to change.. The right person never requires that.” More people could benefit in learning this lesson. This is a great book and Ruth Cardello proves her writing skills in this series. Excellent, quick read that leaves you thinking.

I received an advanced copy of this book. This is my honest and voluntary review.

(Only a few of my) Favorite Quotes:

  • I shouldn’t have punched him in the head. Not something every girl can say on a first date. It this were a date. Which its not.
  • My mother is the poster child for why women need to be smarter than their vaginas.
  • Just because something might feel good, it doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.
  • Every woman eventually experiences a Ben – a mistake that feels worth making.
  • For a man who takes a softer and calculated approach to life he is strong in all the right ways.
  • You’re like a torch in a room full of tiny birthday candles.
  • At least google me. Is a little internet stalking too much to ask for?
  • Trusting me is a risk, but life is about more than being safe-or it should be.
  • “It this doesn’t kill me, I may love it.” “Tha’s a pretty good motto to live by.”
  • The end of childhood shouldn’t also be the death of all that was fun from it.
  • Love doesn’t follow anyone’s plans, it just kind of happens

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