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New Release: Romancing the Memory Collector by Deryn Pittar

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Romancing the Memory Collector: Future Movers – Book Five
by Deryn Pittar

Buy Link – http://geni.us/mUi7IY
FREE on Kindle Unlimited.



For Thomas Winters, single and lonely, meeting Kate Bentley is the chance of a lifetime. Shy and hesitant, Thomas courts her with gentle determination.

When he discovers she can see memory bubbles and collects them to return to her father’s failing mind he suspects she could be g-altered. He asks his old friend William Corban to investigate
Their romance falters when Thomas adopts Suzie, a genetically-altered child from the “Nursery” where he grew up. A misunderstanding on Kate’s part sees her cut Thomas from her life, but when her father, wanders from the house she turns to Thomas, and his dog Buster, for help.
Kate realizes her future is tied to this gentle man who has won her heart – but has she left it too late?


⏩You tube Clips
⏩Writing by the seat of your pants: http://youtu.be/Ey3tLq2BLDE
▶️Panstering example: https://youtu.be/sz8kIqCJjYI
▶️Never Discard a Crazy Idea: http://youtu.be/2lZT-r9FE70
▶️Bones to hang your story words on http://youtu.be/s2bCyCQV6Xk
▶️The Menagerie Keeper(read aloud) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsRHd7-CnaI
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