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Release Blitz: The Cowboy’s Last Rodeo by Jeannie Watt

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Title: The Cowboy’s Last Rodeo
Series: The 79th Copper Mountain Rodeo #4
Author: Jeannie Watt
Publisher: Tule Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 11, 2018




Shane Marvell‘s career as a rodeo rider is ending far too soon. He doesn’t have a plan B, so during his last season, he’s all in, determined to win as much prize money as possible–even if it means riding injured and taking more risks than he should.

Ella Etxeberri has always played it safe, so when her life still takes a bad turn despite her caution, she wonders if if isn’t time to see what she’s been missing. While researching risk behaviors in rodeo riders, she meets Shane Marvell, a cowboy who merits additional study of the personal variety.

Just as Ella is hitting the point to embrace risk, Shane is pulling back. He knows Ella’s all-in approach is born of curiosity and whim. He’s not what she wants forever, and perhaps Ella is one risk he can’t allow himself to take.






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“You crossed a crowded bar to seek me out.”
Her smile faded. “To ask you about an interview.”
Shane didn’t reply, and after an awkward beat of silence, Ella dropped her gaze to the toe of her boot. A utilitarian boot, unlike the fancy boots most of the women inside the bar wore. Utilitarian, but somehow sexy on her. She looked up at him again, her expression was solemn.
“That’s a lie.”
“Is it now?” He was surprised at the admission. He’d thought he’d have to work harder.
“A lie and an easy way out.”
He took a chance and reached out to lightly touch her upper arm. She didn’t move away, so he allowed his fingers to slide down to her elbow, where they stayed, keeping a point of contact between them. “Easy way out of what?”
She hesitated, then lifted her chin in a get-down-to-business expression that made him believe she’d decided to say exactly what was on her mind. “Getting answers to a burning question.”
“Which is?”
Ella canted her head to one side and studied him in a way that made him feel borderline self-conscious—and he rarely felt self-conscious. Her eyebrows lifted a fraction of an inch, then she said in a musing, almost clinical tone, “What it is about you that draws my eye.”
Her candid answer made him smile. Was this what it was like to flirt with a scientist? If so, he liked it.
He stroked his thumb over the firm muscle of her arm and she eased half a step closer. Close enough that a light floral scent teased his nostrils. Now he took half a step closer and slid his free hand up her other arm, bringing their faces that much closer, but Ella didn’t so much as lean back. If anything, she leaned toward him.
His heart was beating a steady rhythm of anticipation as she continued to study him. “I’m not going to kiss you,” she murmured.
Now he smiled for real. “What makes you think you’ll get a chance?”
Ella shrugged, her arm moving beneath his palm. “Analysis of the data. Dilated pupils, change of breathing pattern. If I put my hand on your chest, your heart would be beating harder.”
“Or so you hypothesize.” Thank you, Mrs. Anderson for hammering the scientific method into me in seventh grade.
She put her palm on his chest, dead center, and spread her fingers as she closed her eyes. Shane wondered if she felt the skip in his heartbeat when she made contact. “My hypothesis is correct.”
Her lips parted ever so slightly and that was all the invitation Shane needed. He brought his mouth down close to hers, his grip tightening at her elbows, although he made no move to pull her closer. “I think you should kiss me,” he whispered against her lips. He felt her lean toward him.

They stopped at the door of his trailer, then Shane took the big leap and said, “Do you want to come inside?”
He saw Ella’s throat move as she swallowed. “Yes. I would.”
He stepped back to allow her to enter first, then followed her in, grimacing as his knee did its best not to cooperate. He set his rigging and his chaps on top of his gear bag next to the small kitchenette unit, then reached behind him for the door handle.
“I…um…” Ella smiled nervously. “What’s the deal with your shoulder?”
Not what Shane had been expecting. “Partial tear of the labrum.”
“Do you tape yourself?”
“When I have to. It’s awkward, but the sports guys aren’t at some of the smaller rodeo.” Shane’s heart beat a little faster as he said, “Want to see?”
Ella sat down on the bench she’d slept on less than a week ago. “Yes.”
Shane shrugged out of his protective vest, tossed it on top of the rest of his gear and unsnapped his shirt. Ella swallowed again, making him wonder if she’d spent much time with guys in intimate situations.
Or if it was a matter of her being nervous around him.
He shrugged out of his shirt and stepped closer so she could see the wrap job he’d done. She got to her feet and inspected the front, then put a light hand on his shoulder to turn him, so she could see the back, too. “How many rolls of tape on your elbow?”
“More than one. I don’t want to hyperextend.”
She ran an exploratory hand over the thick layers of white athletic tape covering the area from his bicep to the middle of his forearm. Then she made the mistake of glancing up. Their gazes locked and it was suddenly very clear to him what needed to be done. Ella was of the same mind. They leaned closer at the same moment, their lips meeting. Her hand tightened on his taped forearm as she welcomed his tongue into her mouth, teased it with her own.
Ella dropped her hand away from his arm and smoothed the hair from her forehead as she pulled back. “Just so you know, I didn’t ask to see the tape job as an excuse to have my way with you.”
“You can’t imagine how disappointed I am.”



Jeannie Watt is the author of over 20 contemporary romances and the recipient of the Holt Medallion Award of Merit. She lives in a small ranching community—a place where kids really do grow up to be cowboys—with her husband, dog, cat, horses and ponies. When she’s not writing, Jeannie enjoys sewing retro fashions, running, and buying lots and lots of hay.

If you’d like to know more about Jeannie, check out her website or visit her Facebook page




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