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Review: The Tenth Girl by Carrie Aarons

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Never play a game you can’t win.

For Cain Kent, that rule is golden. Losing is not in his vocabulary, and up until now, everything has come easy. Football, school, girls … his charm-laced ego may just be bigger than Texas itself.

The competition he started freshman year with his friends, to make ten notches each in their bedposts by graduation day, is practically in the bag. One more to go, and then it’s off to college fame and eventually, the big time. Attachments aren’t something he wants to form, but when the quiet new girl challenges him in front of his classmates, his curiosity is piqued. She would be the perfect final score, and what fun to break her in the process.

Too bad Harper Posy has no intention of being just another warm body, especially to the bad boy quarterback. Even if he does quote Forster and Huxley when no one is listening. An aspiring author herself, Cain and his hidden soft side are dangerous to her heart. She’s seen men ruin her mother’s dreams time and again, and she’s determined to fly far away as soon as she has that diploma in her fist.

But as the school year’s end looms closer, both realize they didn’t quite understand the rules to begin with. Is winning a dirty bet worth the gamble when the stakes, or the other’s heart in this case, are so high?

Harper is the one girl who isn’t up for playing games. And she just might make Cain lose. Everything.

My Review:
Genre: Romance – YA/NA, Sports (Football)
Standalone: Yes
Part of a Series: No
POV: Harper, Cain
Steam Level: Toasty at times

Carrie Aarons knows how to create an intriguing world that sucks you in from the start. The Tenth Girl is a sexy and emotional journey through the cliques and drama of being the new girl in a small-town high school. Contests and new love battle for dominance in this fun and sexy romp through fears, drinking, parties, friendships, and family. Each character is more that what they are showing to the world. I loved the quotes throughout, whispered and yelled – solidifying experiences through literature. I whipped through The Tenth Girl in a matter of hours. It was a fun emotional romp that is smart and sweet.

I received an advanced copy of this book. This is my honest and voluntary review.

Favorite Quotes:

  • You and only you can take care of yourself. If you never forget that, you’ll always succeed.
  • Self-improvement is really the point of life. Everyone is trying to become the next best version of themselves.
  • I had told myself that I wasn’t going to let Cain Kent get to me. But really I never stood a chance.
  • You need to perfect your grovel, because if you love a woman, you’ll be doing it a lot.
  • Everyone fights, Cain. It’s what you do when you’re in love. You fight with each other, for each other and against the world.
  • If it’s meant to be, it will find a way. Life is about mistakes. It’s how we correct them that matters.
  • The only responsible this about you is me.
  • I’d bee waiting for her, I just hadn’t known it.
  • She might have been the tenth girl, but she was the only. The only one who mattered.

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