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Blog Tour: Promised by S. Cinders

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PROMISED the Wolves of Kencull
(Reverse Harem, Ménage & More)
by S. Cinders



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Growing up ashamed of her special abilities, Trix learns to fear the dark. That is where the monsters live, and none who are wise enter there…

Tobias and his three brothers fear they are the last wolves of Kencull. They have been searching for their mate – one who will bring peace to the land and fulfill their deepest desires…

Publisher’s Note: This steamy reverse harem shifter contains elements of power exchange.



Excerpt 1:      

“I watched the girl as she laughed at something Silas had said to her. I felt the wolf pressing at my skin. He wanted to touch her, be next to her, even if it was only in sleep. I had allowed the others time to get to know her. A good alpha knows the importance of keeping his pack content and happy.

However, the more comfortable she became with the others the harder it was for me when she shied away from my presence. I craved everything about my mate and it was only through my strength of will that I had stayed away from her these past few days. But I wouldn’t any longer.” – Tobias

Excerpt 2:

“I slipped a finger into her tight channel and began to pump it steadily along with sucking the tiny nub that held the key to her pleasure. Jonah’s fingers began to tighten on her breasts bringing that stinging pleasure-pain sensation that would be sure to send her over the edge.

Trix was whimpering, thrusting wilding and utterly in our control. My cock was harder than it had ever been, and Jonah and I were doing everything we could to make this the best experience of her life.

Suddenly her thighs began to shake, and her pussy contracted as a wave of pleasure washed over her. I licked up every drop of her release relishing the taste of her. Jonah growled wanting to taste her as well. He took my place between her thighs and gently licked up the desire that was still on her heated folds.” -Silas

Tag Lines:

“Her taste was wild and innocent. I was completely captivated by her.” -Cal in Promised, and epic reverse harem.

“His canines were extended and he bit the soft flesh of my shoulder. I had expected intense pain, but instead, I felt a curling sensation in my lower stomach—arousal.” –Trix in Promised, and epic reverse harem.



About S. Cinders:

CINDERS is a multi-genre author with over thirty titles ranging from sci-fi romance, historical romance, new adult romance, fractured fairy tales, to paranormal romance. S. CINDERS lives in the Midwest with her husband and two teenage sons who keep her on her toes. Known as the naughty romance author, you will remember her for her banter and engaging characters. Once you start, you won’t want to stop!


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“S. Cinders writes characters that I would want to hang out with in real life!” -KAT
“No matter what genre she writes, Cinders always has me laughing my head off!” -ANGE
“Loved it. It was heartfelt and touching. Not many stories surprise me but this one did.” HUNTER & HOLT – Carol

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