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New Release: Twisted Saga ReGenesis by Jason Blayne

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Twisted Saga ReGenesis
By: Author Jason Blayne



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What is a ReGenesis? Is it a “do-over”? Correcting a mistake? Completely starting over? A divine intervention? Maybe it’s a little of it all, but whatever it is might not be available for burdens and mistakes of long ago when it comes to Josh, James, & Justin. Errors & events left unsettled, have come home to roust. One final battle to determine the outcome but this time the price might be too much to handle. Can the trio overcome the odds once & for all? Are they doomed to settle debts with their lives? How will their epic journey end & how will a ReGenesis occur in the end to create a brand new beginning?


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ReGenesis release party on Facebook
Twisted Saga Origins (3/3/19)
Twisted Saga Aftermath (3/17/19)


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