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Review: Flirting with the Frenemy by Pippa Grant

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He’s a hot single dad. A military man with abs of steel. My brother’s best friend. My biggest enemy. And now my fake date to my best friend’s wedding. Disasterville, here we come…

Mission: Survive my best friend’s wedding, where I must play nice with my ex and his perfect new girlfriend.

Strategy: Bring the hottest fake boyfriend on the planet.

Target: Grady Rock. Master Baker. Dimples. Muscles. The unicorn of fake boyfriends.

Complication: Wyatt Morgan. My brother’s best friend. My sworn enemy. Military man. Sexy as hell single dad. The man I let into my panties for one night of hot hate sex after my ex dumped me.

And the man who just scared off that perfect fake boyfriend.

By pretending to be my real boyfriend.

I can roll with this though. What’s the harm in Flirting with the Frenemy if it helps me get the job done?

Complete my mission and move on.

Or so I thought.

Until Wyatt kisses me again and I start feeling things I shouldn’t.

The thing about weddings…nothing ever goes as planned.

Flirting with the Frenemy is a rollicking fun romantic comedy featuring a single dad military man, an irritatingly attractive blast from his past, pirates, cursing parrots, and a wedding gone wild. It stands alone with no cheating or cliffhangers.

My Review:
Genre: Romance – comedy, best-friend’s sister/brother’s best friend, single dad, military, second chance enemies-to-lovers
Standalone: yes-ish. Pippa Grant is a tease so gives you a tease for the next book
Part of a Series: yes Book 1 of the Bro Code series
POV: Ellie and Wyatt
Steam Level: warm at times

Flirting with the Frenemy is one of those super cute books that is not only sweet but funny. Pippa Grant knows how to check all the boxes when it comes to laugh-out-loud funny and also tug-at-the-heartstrings emotion. Thanks to Pippa Grant and Flirting with the Frenemy I don’t think I’ll ever be able to sneeze without cracking up. I look forward to Beck’s book and seeing more of Wyatt and Ellie. I missed the Berger twins though

Favorite Quotes:

  • “Really, Dad? The alarms again?” “They keeps us on time.” “Sometimes you just have to live life.”
  • Did he just hear me say fuck? Shit,. I need to remember he can hear me.
  • “I have to have some flows. Otherwise I’d be insufferable.
  • He tastes like banana pudding and feels like forgiveness.
  • “Embrace what’s better, Ellie. Change what you can change. Fix what you can fix. Accept the rest.”
  • I will love you long after my heart stops beating

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