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New Release: Rage by Netta Newbound

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Nurse, Lizzi Yates, is assigned to provide end-of-life care to Charlie Maidley, one of Britain’s footballing legends, on the condition she keeps his identity a secret.

Unbeknownst to Lizzi, Charlie’s doctors have agreed to allow his sister, Miriam, to take him home to die on the strict understanding he remains in an induced coma, due to his history of assaulting women—a side effect of his brain tumour.

Miriam goes away on business, leaving Lizzi in charge, but, a mishap with Charlie’s medication, has Lizzi questioning why he is spending his final days comatose. Deciding he is being sedated without just cause, she makes the call to wake him up. However, a string of events and the discovery of a girl’s body at the bottom of the garden lead her to wonder if she’s made the right decision.

Who is the killer?

Could Lizzi be his next victim?

Don’t miss RAGE by bestselling author Netta Newbound— A gripping psychological thriller that will keep you turning pages long into the night.

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