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░N░E░W░ ░R░E░L░E░A░S░E░



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☞Buy Link – https://geni.us/tBq2BW3



‘Selling my Soul: Part One – Pimped Out’
☞Buy Link – https://geni.us/DMefAC



‘Selling my Soul: Part Two – In Too Deep’
☞Buy Link – https://geni.us/AZiWaR




A sickening death shatters Tyson Reece’s heart into a million pieces, sending him spiralling further into addiction and reliance on Kieran Wayland.

DI Zara Mulaney realises she has lost control and is terrified Tyson will die, either at the hands of Wayland or the drugs he craves to get him through the day.

Worrying about Tyson isn’t the only matter Mulaney must contend with–her boss, Giovanni Mallea, now knows she is working against him.

Terrified she knows enough to send him to jail for life, he carefully weighs up his options.

Is there anything that could lead back to him, Wayland, or worse still, Lena Aarden?

The final pieces of the puzzle are moving into place, but with more surprises to come, who will live to tell the tale?

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