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Sale Extended: Killer Love The Complete Series by Tabatha Drake

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Title: Killer Love: The Complete Series
Author: Tabatha Drake

Sale Extended!!! Order NOW for 60% off!

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“Dark, twisted, and endlessly entertaining. Killer Love is a romantic saga unlike any other!”

This collection includes all seven books in the Killer Love saga: Killer Love, Secret Love, Tainted Love, Broken Love, Mad Love, Cruel Love, and Endless Love. Over 400,000 words of aching tension, steamy scenes, and heart-pounding action!

I am not a good man.
But I have a soft spot for her.

Sofia Zappia. The adopted daughter of my enemy.
Bought and sold, her life has never been her own.

When she begs for my help, I can’t say no.
But I’m still a mafia man.
And I expect something in return.

I’ll free her from the chains of the Zappia crime family.
Then, she’ll belong to me.
Body, heart, and soul.

I am not a good man.
And she’s about to find out why.




“This dark, dirty, intrigue-filled story gives me so much happy, my heart is over-flowing.”

“Killer Love is off the charts wicked. This series is going to be a must read.”

“I absolutely loved Luka and Sofia. Sofia is strong and determined. And Luka…sigh. One message was loud and clear: no man better stand in Luka’s way.”

“Their chemistry is strong as is their connection. While there are definitely heated scenes between them, there is unmistakable love and romance connecting them. Always. They are, undoubtedly, soulmates and the author pens every emotion, glance, and subtle caress with phenomenal skill.”

“Full of action, suspense, forbidden love, and so much more!”

“Dark, tense, and suspenseful! This series grabs you and doesn’t let go!”

“Sofia and Luka’s romance is simply epic.”
–Quotes taken from real Amazon reviewsPre-order NOW for 60% off! Price goes up on release day!

“Dark, twisted, and endlessly entertaining. Killer Love is a romantic saga unlike any other!”

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