Release Boost: Treasure Island SEAL by Sharon Hamilton

Release Boost: Treasure Island SEAL by Sharon Hamilton


Title: Treasure Island SEAL
Series: Sunset SEALs #3
Author: Sharon Hamilton
Genre: Military Romantic Suspense
Release Date: April 28, 2020




Navy SEAL Ned Silver is lured to the Florida gulf coast by the friend of his fathers, a former Navy diver now turned treasure hunter. Between deployments, S.O. Silver is addicted to adventure, and searching for pirate booty is right up his alley. What he hasn’t counted on is that his net has also captured a local mermaid.

Madison Montgomery has done freelance underwater modeling and film work, but she’s also an experienced scuba diver. Between jobs, she tends a salty beach bar catering to whatever the sea blows in. She’s unprepared when her heart is hooked on the muscled beach bum she’s hired to work with on a treasure dive.

As their underwater love affair smolders like a hyperbaric welding torch, the pair will have to discover who is captain and who is First Mate.






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Margaret Silver brushed the hair from her forehead and placed her hands at her hips. “Whew! That was a job. We did that in less than a quarter of the time I’d calculated.”
“It helped that they were just old books neither of us wanted. Nothing to sort, ponder over, Mom.”
“I don’t even know why he had so many. I mean, this house is so tiny, and I never saw him read one of them. Did you?”
“I think he was going for the osmosis type of learning. Having them around him made him feel smarter. Maybe he learned without reading.”
If ever a man could do that, his dad would be able to.
“I guess. It was always something I wanted to ask him, and I just forgot. Why he would want to hang on to books he never read will always be a mystery, then.”
Ned stacked the last box near the front door. “Mom, should I load these up in the truck? I can drop them off at the library downtown tomorrow, if you like.”
“Thank you, Ned.” Then she noticed another small stack of books on the coffee table she’d set aside. “You know I thought perhaps you’d like these. The one on the top is a book of poetry about the sea. Maybe you should have it.”
She held it out to him. He didn’t want to take it, but also couldn’t turn it away.



Ned had grown up riding the school bus that drove right past the obstacle course on Coronado, watching the men climb up those ropes like monkeys, wondering what it would feel like to ride in a little rubber raft while working with eight other souls to make sure it didn’t capsize. He’d never considered doing anything else but join the Navy, like his dad.
But unlike his dad, Ned had become a SEAL. Old Jake had tried out twice and quit both times. When Ned got his Trident, his father didn’t come to the ceremony and stayed drunk for a week.
Served the old bastard right.
He didn’t want to be there when his dad passed, so when he came back from his last deployment, he was disappointed his stubborn dad was still alive. Checking his conscience, he didn’t feel bad about one bit of it, either.
But his mother told him later Jake Silver had wanted to be sure he got home safe. He passed away the next day. That one did get to him. He was still sore from the twenty hour transport plane ride and had planned to sleep for a week. But he’d had to get out a suit he never wore, that still fit him after ten years. Duty and honor. That was it.
He never brought friends over to the house for fear they’d find his dad in some undressed drunken state. Ned kept the secret, just like his mother did. Coach Silver was the most popular parent-coach on the Little League schedule. All the dads loved him, since small travel games were sources of some of the greast parties the parents had, made better by the fact that his dad didn’t have to pay for any of it. He was the coach. Number One.
The boys his own age idolized the former Navy man who had stories about slashing through jungles in Southeast Asia. Forbidden to read dirty magazines, the boys especially appreciated the tattoos of naked buxom ladies up and down his “Popeye” arms. His dad gave names for all of them, and hinted he’d slept with each one. He was built like a bull dog and just staring down someone could stop a fight before it began.
Maybe it made him stronger. Ned didn’t resent him. He just didn’t want to be that kind of an imposition on anyone else. He loved working with his Team. And, as many of the other guys he came to consider brothers on SEAL Team 3, being a SEAL was way more fulfilling than anything else he’d ever done. It gave him an outlet for his anger, being in such intense physical shape all the time, preparing for battle. Knowing he was responsible for each man on his right and his left, and that he would die to protect them gave him purpose. As a strong, cohesive, unbreakable unit, he was part of something greater than he ever could be alone. They were a force for good. He could right some of the wrongs in the world and get paid and trained to do it too.
It was the perfect life. The bigger he got, the more muscle mass he put on, the faster and stronger he got, the less he resembled his father in anything they could be compared to. He was the exact opposite, determined to contribute more than his dad had ever done. It wasn’t that he hated the man, he just left a big fucking hole. Old Jake left his mom damaged, but it was what she chose, and he’d agree with that, too. Yet, his flaw was so great he couldn’t even feel proud of his son.
So, Ned’s way of seeking his dad’s approval was the opposite of his mother’s. The more his dad didn’t pay attention, the bigger and stronger he wanted to be.



“I haven’t been to this side of Florida before, it’s nice,“ Ned muttered.
“I’ve spent most my time on the other coast to be honest. But I love the gulf side much better. Warmer I think, more temperate. And it’s slower. I mean, we got lots of tourism here, no question about it. But it’s happier, you know what I mean?”
Ned stared straight ahead as the bridge dead-ended into a small two lane boulevard, heading north and south along the beach.
“This here is Gulf Boulevard, for obvious reasons. You have your beachside properties and then you have your inland properties which sometimes are on a waterway. In any direction you’re no more than five or six blocks from some body of water. I think that’s why I like it“
Noonan turned right and headed north. Ned saw glimpses of turquoise water and white beaches in between two story rental units and occasionally a large condo complex. Along the way it was dotted with beach shops and rental agencies, renting everything from vacation cabins to surfboards, golf carts and beach bicycles. He passed a lot of ice cream stores. There were shops on both sides of the road selling fishing and beach gear, flip-flops, bathing suits, tanning lotion, and a couple of Taqueria‘s with open air palapas just like Ned had seen in Mexico. There were lots of fish and chips places, a smattering of outdoor bars with brightly-colored umbrellas. Occasionally they had to stop between lights to allow couples or families to cross the road, usually towing a canvas wagon filled with towels and equipment.
They also passed several groups of walkers, and occasionally a tandem bicycle. Ned felt himself starting to relax, even though Noonan was quick to hit on the gas and slow to hit the brakes.
“See? Nothing fancy, but not too shabby, either.”
They turned left down a paved road that ended at the edge of a wooden bridge over the sand dunes. It was the Treasure Island beach access trail. Off to the side was an alleyway, unpaved, just wide enough to accommodate two cars passing. On both sides of the path were smaller shacks, some of them well-painted, and others left to the sea’s devices. Vacation rental signs hung in most of the yards or attached to the upper eve of the houses, colorfully lettered in bright Caribbean paint, with names like Pete’s Paradise and Laura‘s Lair, with pictures of fish, starfish, and mermaids adorning fences and sides of buildings. Newnan pulled into the driveway of a tiny pink house that sat right on the beach.
“It isn’t much, I warn you. This place is going to get torn down, and the owner has plans to build a McMansion, sort of triplex building. He wants to live upstairs and rent out down below. But for now, this place is vacant and it has a little bit of furniture. I hope you like it. And the price is right.“ He said as he exited the truck.
Ned ran right behind the pirate, his canvas slip-ons crunching on the white mixture of crushed shells and stones. Noonan produced a set of keys and unlocked the front door, which was slightly warped, causing Noonan to have to lean into it hard with his shoulder. At the second try, it gave way and let them enter, but part of the door trim had cracked.
Inside, the house smelled of mildew, but Ned thought it was nothing that a few open windows could take care of. It hadn’t been updated in many years. That surprised him, because Ned thought all these beach properties saw themselves underwater every few years due to the storms. But this one looked like it had survived many seasons of winters and lots of fall hurricanes.
“Home sweet home, kid.”



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#4 Escape to Sunset – Releasing May 26
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NYT and USA/Today Bestselling Author Sharon Hamilton’s SEAL Brotherhood series have earned her author rankings of #1 in Romantic Suspense, Military Romance and Contemporary Romance. Her other Brotherhood stand-alone series are: Bad Boys of SEAL Team 3, Band of Bachelors, True Blue SEALs, Nashville SEALs, and the Bone Frog Brotherhood.

Her SEALs and former SEALs have invested in two wineries and a brewery in Sonoma County, which have become part of the new stories. But old characters keep returning to all the newer books.

Sharon also writes sexy paranormals in two series: Golden Vampires of Tuscany and The Guardians.

A lifelong organic vegetable and flower gardener, Sharon and her husband live in the Wine Country of Northern California, where most of her stories take place.



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