Amy J. Murphy

Amy J. Murphy

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Amy J. Murphy is not a Jedi. (Although she’s married to this Scottish guy that claims to be one.)

But, she is a fantastic liar.

Lucky for everyone, she wields this power for good instead of evil. Although, the evil part remains highly tempting, Amy instead writes space opera with kickass heroines.

She’s twice been voted a Dragon Award Finalist for Best Military Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel by DragonCon as well as a Kindle Book Award Finalist. At some point, she infiltrated the ranks of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA). And her work has been a Best-Seller on Amazon for Space Opera.

When not geeking out at science fiction conventions, she lives in Vermont with the aforementioned Scotsman/Jedi and two canine overlords.

Find out more about Amy J. Murphy by visiting her website.

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