Audiobook Review: A Warrior’s Touch by Lucy Varna

Audiobook Review: A Warrior’s Touch by Lucy Varna

Yasmin Olvera has a man problem. Her brother is in jail for murder, her ex-fiance has inconveniently forgotten he dumped her, and someone is leaving dead animals on her stoop. The last thing she needs is another male thrown into the mix, even a strong extra-terrestrial warrior who’s crossed the galaxy to aid her.

Benar Q’Mhel has better things to do than babysit a helpless Terran female, no matter how attractive she is. Sure, somebody’s after her, and in a nasty way, but does she really need an elite mercenary-soldier to solve her problem?

But as the situation escalates, Benar begins to reconsider the tough-minded Yasmin and her place in his life, and she begins to wonder if love might be the key to solving her man problem once and for all.

My Review:
Title: A Warrior’s Touch
Author: Lucy Varna
Format: Audio
Narrators: Angel Clark, Matthew Josdal
Genre: SciFi Alien Romance, military, bodyguard, southern, suspense, holiday
Standalone: Yes
Part of a Series: Book 3 of The Pruxnae (Book 4 if you’re counting Thief of Hearts as book 1 – I’m seeing it both ways)
POV: Yasmin, Benar
Steam Level: Steamy

If you’ve read Alien Mine (which is still my favorite of this entire series) then you’ll know Yasmin and also Benar’s brother. However, there is no need to read the earlier books, it just makes the later ones more fun. I like the elements of suspense, the push and pull between the characters and the humor throughout. A Warrior’s Touch was fast-paced and an enjoyable afternoon listen.

I received this audiobook for free from StoryOrigin. This is my honest and voluntary review.

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