Audiobook Review: Execution by Lucia Franco

Audiobook Review: Execution by Lucia Franco

The move to World Cup Academy of Gymnastics is the greatest challenge Adrianna has encountered. Punished for Coach Kova’s overwhelming desires, she’s reeling with resentment while she sits out the first meet of the season. As Adrianna fights to regain her focus, he pushes her body to the extreme, leaving her mentally and physically exhausted.

Kova underestimates Adrianna’s endurance, and gravitates more toward her, despite his internal battle raging within to stay away. They try to disentangle themselves, but the tension between coach and gymnast mounts, engulfing them both in a forbidden world of deception and passion.

The one place where they should never feel alive, is where they find complete absolution. But one slip, one wrong landing, a missed grip, and everything they built can come tumbling down, damaging both their professional and personal lives.

My Review:
Title: Execution
Author: Lucka Franco
Format: Audio
Narrator: Sarah Puckett
Genre: Romance: Forbidden, Sports (Gymnastics)
Standalone: Nope – Read book 1 first, ends on a cliffhanger, but not as bad as the cliffy from Book 1: Balance
Part of a Series; Book 2 of the Off Balance trilogy
POV: Adrianna
Steam Level: Quite toasty at times

Execution ends at a turning point. I think I know a few things that will happen but am dying to find out if I’m right. This book focuses more on Adrianna’s journey in gymnastics – her training and competition and the forbidden nature of her Kova’s relationship is less prevalent (but still there). There were several unexpected twists in Execution and I cannot wait for the last book.

I received this audiobook from Audiobook Obsessions. This is my honest and voluntary review.

This book is no longer available on Audible (It’s been banned). However, you can buy it directly from Lucia Franco here.
This ebook is available on Amazon by clicking here

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