Excerpt and Teaser Reveal: The Patron by Vivian Wood

Excerpt and Teaser Reveal: The Patron by Vivian Wood

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🩰The Patron is a forbidden billionaire romance and the first book in the Broken Slipper Trilogy!💔



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I stop when I’m inches away from him, tossing my hair and posing. “Did you miss me?”

Mr. X leans forward, looking me right in the eye and running his fingertips oh so lightly up my knee toward my hip. I sink my top teeth into my bottom lip.

I should push his hand away just as I did to the boy downstairs. I should put up hard boundaries and stick to them, be firm like Mia taught me.

Yet I don’t. I just let him touch me, throwing back my head and swaying my hips to the music. He slides his hand around my back and gives me a tug.

I have to take a little of my power back. So I pluck his wrist up and drop it by his side. “You’re just supposed to sit back and enjoy this,” I say sweetly.

His eyes narrow on my face and his lips twist. But I shut him up by moving closer, putting my legs just inside his, and lifting my leg high over my head. His breath all leaves him in a soft grunt as his eyes travel up my body.

“Fuck,” he mouths quietly. He reaches down to adjust his cock, leaving his hand on his lap. “You’re killing me, beauty.”

The rush of emotion that I feel when he tells me that is addictive. I let my leg come down and kneel, my knees going wide as I straddle his lap.

He grabs my ass and pulls me down, grinding his cock between us. His eyes darken with need.

“God damn,” he grits out.

I lean forward, placing my hands on either side of his chest and pushing him back. As I push him back, he lifts his hips, grinding against me again.

I know I’m not really meant to get turned on. But he does briefly brush his cock against my pussy in a way that makes me tingle. Without thinking I let out the softest moan, pressing my hips down as I gyrate against his lap.

“Oh fuck,” he whispers, plowing his hand into my hair. He bucks against me, his eyes hard on my face. I bite my lip as my hips jerk against him; it’s hard not to close my eyes.

“That’s it,” he says through clenched teeth. “Right there, beauty. Don’t stop.”

🌹The Patron releases in March!🌹

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