Audiobook Review Tour: My Life as an Album Series by LJ Evans

Audiobook Review Tour: My Life as an Album Series by LJ Evans

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My Life as an Album Series By LJ Evans
Narrated by Sarah Puckett, Neill Thorne & Michael Norman Johnson
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Title: My Life as an Album Series
Author: L.J. Evans
Format: Audio
Narrator: Sarah Puckett, Neill Thorne, Michael Norman Johson
Genre: Romance, Southern, Small Town
Standalone: Yes
Part of a Series: Books 1 to 4 of My Life as an Album, plus a novella that is a companion to book 1
Steam Level: Steamy but not explicit, fade to black

I’ve never read L.J Evans before and I’m really glad I requested up this boxset which includes books one through four of My Life an an Album and a novella that doesn’t appear to be available anywhere else. This boxset is only missing Book 5 My Life as a Christmas Album which looks to be the kids of the characters in these books. I’d love to read this one book too in the future. My Life as an Album is a phenomenal read. It went places I never expected but loved. Each book is unique but all build on each other and the events that happened in the first book. Each book is an emotional journey. Have plenty of tissues nearby because you will ugly cry. You’ll also laugh and swoon. L.J Evans puts you through the emotional ringer in this amazing journey of love, loss, and moving forward with the help of friends and family who are your strength when you’re weak and who can also rely on you, through the good and the bad. L.J. Evans doesn’t shy away from the tough topics including death, addiction (many different types of addiction), guilt and violence. While not graphic, these books show the ugly aspects of each while presenting a happy future, even when life looks the bleakest. I haven’t read such an emotional journey in a while and, while it’s not always my favorite, this set is amazing.

My reviews for each individual book are below:

Book 1: My Life as a Country Album
Narrator: Sarah Puckett
Genre: YA/NA, Neighbors, Friends to Lovers, Sports (Diving, Football)
Standalone: Yes
POV: Camden (aka Cammie or Cam)
Steam Level: Some

I knew from the start that this story would be an emotional journey. In it Cam is looking back using Country songs and lyrics to reflect on her life and love with Jake – her neighbor, protector, and first love. My Life as a Country Album is an emotional journey though stories and memories that leaves you breathless and heartbroken. I laughed at Cam’s stubbornness and how Jake would deal with it. I loved how strong and feisty Cam is and how Jake builds her up, loving her because of this, not despite it. Jake and Cam’s love story was beautiful, passionate, devastating and too short. But, like I said, we know from the start how it ends. However, that not how this story ends. I loved that L.J. Evans showed Cammie also healing and moving forward, one day at a time or sometimes one hours or minute at a time. I loved how this story ends with a new beginning. I love who Cam reconnects with and how he acknowledged Jake’s memory and Cam’s love for him – not trying to replace Jake but to expand Cam’s heart further to include him. I was surprised who she ended up with but also not. I’m not usually someone who likes stories that cut you open and make you cry but this book is a fantastic read and also a great reminder to take care of yourself and your health. If I could give My Life as a Country Album more than five stars I would in a heartbeat.

Book 2: My Life as a Pop Album
Narrator: Sarah Puckett
Genre: Rockstar, Road Trip
Standalone: Yes
POV: Mia
Steam Level: Steamy but not explicit

I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!!! While not as heartbreaking as My Life as a Country Album, My Life as a Pop Album is still an emotional journey through learning to love and forgive yourself. This is Mia’s book and in it she’s dealing with the loss of her brother, despite giving him a kidney. The guilt she feel is heartbreaking but I loved how Derek dealt with it. I loved seeing Mia come out of her shell and also more of Cam’s HEA. I loved Derek and how he shows his soft underbelly and coaxes the real Mia out of hiding, encouraging her to live outside of her comfort zone.

Book 3: My Life as a Rock Album
Narrator: Neill Thorne and Sarah Puckett
Genre: Suspense (Stalker), Antihero, Redemption, Enemies to Lovers, Second-Chance
Standalone: Yes
POV: Seth and PJ
Steam Level: Steamy but not too graphic

I love that Seth got his redemption story! Meeting Seth in My Life As A Country Album you see him in a dark place. You see the bad boy who feels deeply and lashes out. You see what he wants you to see, the image he projects to the world but also a hint of the softer-side shown to Cam, but don’t really get to know him. In My Life as a Rock Album, you see the real Seth. You see the man reflected in his art – a little bit damaged and pieced together to make a stronger whole.

The format of My Life as a Rock Album is unique is the best way for this story to be told. Love, loss, and acceptance emerge in a brutally honest way. PJ (or Bella as Seth calls her) is strong and sassy. What she’s gone through strengthened her despite the way she sees herself. The triumph and love and support system is strong. The mystery of what happened with PJ’s stalker unfolds throughout the letters and memories, in bits and pieces welded together – just like Seth’s art. This series continues to get better with each book.

Favorite Quotes

  • Not until we are lost do we begin to find ourselves
  • Not being able to see the ground is not the same as being lost.
  • “When you touch me I forget where I was going”…”Maybe it’s because you’re already where you need to be.”
  • “Nobody deserves another person, PJ. You can’t earn a someone like a merit badge. All you can do is love one another and if you do that should be enough. If you truly love each other, mistakes and all, then you get to help each other be the best version of yourselves you can be.”

Book 4: My Life as a Mixtape
Narrators: Michael Norman Johnson and Sarah Puckett
Genre: Inherited Baby/Single-Dad, Rockstar, Friends to Lovers
POV: Lonnie and Wynn
Steam Level: Slow burn to warm, but not explicit

We meet Wynn as Cam’s friend in My Life as a Country Album and Lonnie as Derrick’s best friend in My Life as a Pop Album. I was hoping that Lonnie would get his own HEA but I wasn’t expecting it to be Wynn due to events in other books. Like previous books in this series, it doesn’t shy away from the hard, emotional stuff that life brings. Wynn, newly divorced, is dealing with her hidden demons. Lonnie’s quiet about his upbringing, but when he’s called back to LA his life changes immediately. I loved that these two were each others’ rock, supporting in each other in the hard times but also allowing each other to heal themselves. I love this series and My Life as a Mixtape is no exception. L.J. Evans is a phenomenal writer and I love how all these characters are strong on their own but even stronger together.

Bonus Material: My Life with Cam
Narrator: Michael Norman Johnson
POV: Blake
Steam Level: Minimal

This bonus novella is Blake’s reaction to Can’s journal from My Life as a Country Album and reflecting on his past (and future) with Cam while she’s delivering their son. I loved seeing some of her memories from his view, how he saw her relationship with Jake and even Cody. He was almost always on the periphery of the story since they grew up together-ish. I wondered who told Jake about what happened with Seth and Cam on the cliff. I loved (and hoped) that she shared her memories of Jake with Blake and filling in some of the gaps that she didn’t know. This is a great addition/bonus to this boxset. You can feel Blake’s love for Cam and the joy he feels when this cowboy captures his filly, not to break or tame, but to enjoy the ride that is life.

The world that L.J Evans creates in this series is beautiful – full of love, but also doesn’t shy away from the hard stuff that life often throws at you.

I received this audiobook for free from Pink Flamingo Productions and Audiobook Obsession. This is my honest and voluntary review.

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