Romance+ Roadmap: January 2022 to February 2022

January Round Up (A Little Late)

How Many Books Read/Listened To: 21


  1. Deviant by Sheridan Anne
  2. Spotted Her First by Emma Dean
  3. Black Heart by Lynn Raye Davis
  4. The Second Move by Wendi L. Wilson

New (to me) Authors Read:
Emma Dean, D.B. Woodling, Cube Kid


A Look Forward:

Currently Reading (As of February 1st):
Reading (ebook): Burning Up by Jennifer Blackwood
Listening To: (audio): The Heir by Sophie Lark

Books on the Calendar:

  • None for now

Exciting New Releases:
I’m pretty sure that Tabatha Kiss and Alix Nichols both have releases in February.

Love 4 Goals:
I’m still behind on posting my reviews. I’d like to get back into posting at least one a day.
I also want to continue to do freebie posts on a regular basis.

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