Now Live: Coaching The Kicker by Jacob Chance

Now Live: Coaching The Kicker by Jacob Chance

by Jacob Chance



NOW LIVE! Coaching the Kicker by Jacob Chance is available now + FREE in Kindle Unlimited!


From USA Today bestselling author Jacob Chance comes a brand new laugh-out-loud enemies-to-lovers romance about two professional athletes finding love where they least expect it. 

When I purchased a home in an upscale neighborhood, I never imagined having one of the Charleston Pirates living next door.

Knox Irons knows just how to push my buttons. Every part of him rubs me the wrong way—well, not quite every part.

So imagine my surprise when Mr. Tall, Dark, and Infuriating comes to me for help with his kicking. I want to say no, but the desperation in his dark gaze has me agreeing all too soon.

Being around Knox while he’s bare chested and sweaty is challenging. But the way he listens and responds to my instruction is downright intoxicating.

I keep reminding myself, no matter how well we work together on the football field, he’s still my enemy when we’re off it.

I’m only here to coach the kicker, not crush on him.



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“Full of chemistry with fantastic banter and a whole lot of sexy, this book is surprising, entertaining and SO much fun!” – Jen’s Dreamy Little Reads
 “This book is sensational and scorching hot!!” – Goodreads reviewer

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