Romance+ Romance: June 2022 to July 2022

Romance+ Romance: June 2022 to July 2022

June Round Up

How Many Books Read/Listened To: 5


  1. The Final Hunt by Audrey J. Cole
  2. Lost in Him by Harloe Rae

New (to me) Authors Read:
Audrey J Cole

A Look Forward:

Currently Reading:
Reading (ebook): Omega Sector Collection by Janie Crouch
Listening To: (audio): Trust Me, Trust Me Not by Elodie Nowodazkij,

Books on the Calendar:

  • None Currently but I hope to read/review the new Roxie Noir book that came out in May and Pippa Grant’s new release in July
  • I finished the Amazon Spring Reading Challenge and saw a new Summer Challenge pop up so we’ll see what challenges arise

Exciting New Releases:
Pippa Grant has a new one coming out

Love 4 Goals:
I’m still behind on posting my reviews but got quite a few more posted  last month than in previous months. I want to continue posting on them on a regular basis. I think I found a system to post more regularly.
I mentioned a change last month were I hoped to post most and I have! I want to continue doing so.
I also want to continue to do freebie posts on a regular basis.
With the year officially (according to the calendar) over I’m nowhere near meeting my Goodreads challenge.  But that’s okay because I’m still reading daily and enjoying fun new activities.

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