Teaser Reveal: The Auction by L. Knight

Teaser Reveal: The Auction by L. Knight


by L. Knight


TEASER REVEAL! The Auction by L. Knight releases January 10!


They call me arrogant, cold, and cruel. The CEO with no heart.
And they’re right… until she walks back into my life, and everything changes.

Ten years ago, I broke the heart of the girl I loved, and she ran from me, never giving me a chance to explain, leaving me devastated and crushed with guilt.

Now Lottie is back and working in my club. Which gives me the chance to put things right. I know she’s hiding a secret from me, but I can’t walk away from her.
When she enters an auction to sell her body, I refuse to let another man touch what is mine.

I offer her a way out, a marriage of convenience that will benefit us both. The contract says we’ll stay married for a year.

But the truth is, she was mine then, she’s mine now, and I’m never letting her go again.

When I was young, Lincoln Coldwell was the hero in my story. The boy who promised me forever. Until the day I found out it was all a lie and realized a girl like me could never be enough for the billionaire tycoon.

Now, ten years later, he’s the villain who holds my future in his hands.

Drowning in a sea of debt and determined to protect the one person that means the world to me, I reach for a lifeline and agree to auction off the one thing I have left to sell: my virginity.

With no place to hide, I face the man who still makes my pulse quicken. But I have demands of my own. I’ll give him my body for a year, but he’ll never have my heart again. And he can never find out the truth of what happened ten years ago.



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“I am truly blown away by this book and reeling with a book hangover.” – Goodreads reviewer
“This story is fantastic. It’s heartbreaking and heartwarming and smoking hot… a sensational ride” – Goodreads reviewer

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