Winter Wishes

Winter Wishes

A sweet and sexy holiday sequel to the bestselling romance, The Play

Lachlan McGregor and Kayla Moore have fought hard for their happily ever after, so one would think their first Christmas together would be a piece of sugarplum cake.

But even though the city of Edinburgh is absolutely magical during the holiday season and the sizzling duo has enough steam between them to make snow melt, Christmas often brings its own share of troubles.

Kayla misses her mother and San Francisco while trying to adapt to life in Scotland, Lachlan struggles to stay on top of his ever-present demons (which pack more punch during the holidays) and his older brother Brigs is facing difficult memories of his own.

One thing is for sure though – this will be a Christmas they’ll never forget.

NOTE: Winter Wishes is a holiday novella (AKA not a full-length book) and not a standalone. The story takes place between the last chapter of The Play and the epilogue.

The McGregors is a series of STANDALONE books with interlocking characters. They can all be read by themselves without prior knowledge of the other books. However if you do wish to read them all, this is the order:
1. The Pact
2. The Offer
3. The Play
4 Winter Wishes (a sequel to The Play)
5. The Lie
6. The Debt

My Review:
Genre: Romance – Contemporary
Stand-alone: Kinda – Can be read on it’s own but best if after The Play
Part of a Series: Yes – Currently 6 books in the Series, all featuring different McGregor Men
POV: Dual
Steam level: Is it getting hot in here? Lots of sexiness
Stars: 5/5
Yay! I love Kayla and Lachlan! This was great short story that takes place after the end of The Play but before the epilogue of that same book so if you haven’t read The Play you should read that first to enjoy Winder Wishes more. Kayla is struggling with the death of her mom, finding a job in Scotland, and the move to Scotland, leaving her friends and family in the States. Lachlan has come to terms with being an alcoholic but still struggles. I love that Karina Halle‘s books can be read on multiple levels: You can either read them for their steamy romance (and this one is very hot) or think deeper with the issues that the characters deal with or a combination of the two. This book is powerful and emotional – dealing with love, loss, addiction, family, friendship, loyalty and so much more in such a short story. Alos if you’ve read The Lie you get to meet Winter when Brigs found him.

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