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Fredo’s Secret

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Navy SEAL Alphonso “Fredo” Manuel Esquidido Chavez learns something he does not want to tell his wife, the beautiful Mia Guzman, Armando’s sister. He worries she will no longer love him when she finds out the news. But just as one door closes, another opens for Fredo and Mia. And along the way he manages to help redeem a struggling youth, who reflects some of the darkness of his own past.
My Review:
Genre: Romance – Mystery, Military
Standalone: Yes-ish there is one part left open in my mind but closed in the character’s
Part of a series: Yes this is a novella in the SEAL Brotherhood Series. All books are standalone with overlapping characters
Steam level – Is it getting warm in here? – Some sexiness verbally and the physically but mostly focuses on the action (pun NOT intended)
POV: Single – Fredo’s
Rating 4/5
I finished this book last night and had to think about it before I give you my review. Fredo’s Secret is a fun but heart-wrenching novella at times. I read it in preparation of Fredo’s Dream which comes out next week (11/15/16). I’ve been waiting for Fredo’s book for a while but admit to getting sidetracked so I’m a little behind in the SEAL Brotherhood Series. Thankfully this did not affect my enjoyment of this novella. Sharon Hamilton is a master at her craft. The issues addressed could have been depressing but Hamilton interweaves subtle humor that lightens the tone without detracting from the story. A fun example is when Fredo is reflecting on attacks against him overseas (you have to read it to why this is in fact funny).
My only issue with this novella is that I didn’t feel there was real resolution to one of the main story lines. However, reading the description for Fredo’s Dream I see that this will be addressed in that novel. And while this bugs me personally because I didn’t like Fredo’s decision it does not detract from an excellent story which explores real issues in an honest and non-judgmental way.
Fans of Sharon Hamilton’s SEAL Brotherhood Series will enjoy this story. I loved seeing characters from the previous books make an appearance to come together and lend a hand to those in need (as we’ve come to expect from SEAL Team 3). I’m anxiously anticipating and looking forward to Fredo and Mia’s long-awaited story
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